How to Market Your Business

Detailed bellow are some of the best and most effective methods you can start using today to market your business and increase sales. Get reading and get earning today!

Start Building Your Email List

Use your website or blog to build your email list. A simple email update sign-up form on your website can help you build this. Consider giving customers an incentive to sign-up to your email list. This can be anything from a newsletter to a freebie (e.g. a helpful eBook relevant to your audience.)

Take Action to Help Boost Website Conversions

A lot of business’s get lots of traffic on their website. However they fail to convert them into leads. This is a vital opportunity to get in on. You WANT to convert your traffic into customers. After all this is the main point of a business website. The great thing is that there are so many ways to do this! But perhaps the most effective way to do this is to call to action button and place it in a prominent place within your website. This includes buttons that state ‘buy it now’, ‘register your interest’ e.t.c.  Don’t just limit this great tool to use on your website either. You can create these buttons very easily on your social media pages like Facebook. Optimise your chances of conversion!

Offer Discounts and Deals

Every customer likes to think they are getting a good deal. Discounts and deals are a great way to market your business and reward your customers. Promote your offers on your social media profiles so that they can reach as many potential clients as possible. (This links in with your conversion rate – customers are more likely to act if they believe they could miss out on a good deal if they don’t take advantage of it now). There are also many deal websites that you can take advantage of. This is a great way to get coverage for your business. Sites include Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social and many more.

Make Use Of Videos To Market Your Business

Be aware that not every consumer likes, or has the patience to read about what you are offering them. Videos are very popular with consumers today, use this information and convert the most essential features mentioned on your website into a short snappy 2 minute intro video. Displaying your video on your website is a very effective way to increase sales. Placing it on your landing page (the page visitors see first) / home page allows visitors to get a quick snapshot of what you are offering. They might then be more inclined to take the time to look around your site for further information.

Hopefully the techniques above have given you some insight into what you can start doing today to increase your sales and boost your business. Remember, constantly updating and adding more platforms into your marketing strategy helps you to reach the highest amount of potential clients for your business. Happy marketing!